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Message started by staubkorb on Sep 26th, 2018 at 6:30pm

Title: Soft Boarders on Camo Paint Jobs
Post by staubkorb on Sep 26th, 2018 at 6:30pm
If you have a scanner, just scan the pattern at 100% and (if your scanner is one of the multi-purpose jobs) use the scan-to-print facility - print in grey-scale/BW.  Check that the scale is correct and cut out the area that you want to spray.  The remaining sheet will be your stencil - place the subject in the CENTER of the scanner bed.

Borrow a chunk of clay/plasticine and roll out a worm about 1/32nd thick (for small models - a bit thicker for larger ones) and apply it to the model-side of the stencil about 3/32nd" from the edge of the cutout.  Position the stencil over the part to be painted and LIGHTLY press down - slight variations in the worm thickness won't matter, but you do NOT want the stencil edges to touch the subject.

Spray (the tricky part!), holding the airbrush perpendicular (or as close to) to the part and start at the borders using a fine spray and build up the color depth you want.  It'll probably take at least two coats, so let each coat dry before the next.

The raised stencil will reward you with a "soft" transition between the colors due to the overspray.


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