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Peanut Scale FAC rules (Read 2971 times)
May 1st, 2014 at 11:07pm

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PEANUT SCALE - 13 INCH MAXIMUM WINGSPAN Flying Aces Club Rules for Peanut Scale
PRIMARY RULES apply to ALL MODELS in ALL FAC events, unless specified otherwise in the rules for a
specific event.
A. Wing span is PROJECTED, i.e. physically measured wingtip to wingtip on the model.
B. All models must be constructed primarily of balsa wood, and covered with Japanese tissue or equivalent. Condenser paper
and modern lightweight tissues such as Gampi are prohibited.
C. Foam and other non-balsa materials may be used to construct:
1. “Add on” parts such as air scoops, radiators, guns, tail cones and the like.
2. Engine cowls up to the firewall.
D. All windscreens, canopies, and windows must be of a clear material.
E. Aircraft with retractable landing gear may be modeled gear up or down, unless specified otherwise.
F. All events are for rubber powered models except:
1. FAC Power Scale
2. Jet Catapult
3. Old Time Gas Replica
G. Props that fold or feather before the model lands are prohibited in ALL FAC EVENTS. Unless otherwise specified for a
given event, there are no other prop size or type restrictions.
H. Entrant must be the builder of the model they enter. Proxy entries allowed at the CD's discretion.
I. Number of model considerations:
1. Each builder is permitted only one example of a specific design for a specific event.
2. No “back-up” models permitted unless allowed by a specific event rule.
3. A contestant may enter two different models in any FAC event.
a. The higher scoring model will be used to determine the contestant’s standing.
b. The lower scoring model does not qualify (DNQ) for inclusion in the standings.
J. All events are hand launched unless a specific event rule states otherwise.
K. All timed flights are in seconds and rounded down to the last full second, including “averaged” times.
L. An official timed flight shall be (unless a specific event rule states otherwise):
1. 20 seconds MINIMUM.
2. 120 seconds MAXIMUM.
M. Three different contestants must each make an official flight for the winner to receive a “Kanone”.
N. A official timed flight score recorded in one event cannot be used as an official time score for another event.
O. Binoculars may be used in all events to track models in the air.
P. Contestants are solely responsible for promptly turning in their timing slips after a flight for posting, and for keeping track
of his or her qualifying models and flights. Holding time slips until the end of the contest places an undue burden on the
Q. The CD is solely responsible for posting flight times promptly.
R. The use of any R/C device during FAC competition is forbidden.

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