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STAB, WING, RUDDER AREAS (Read 917 times)
Feb 8th, 2017 at 10:52pm

bigrip74   Offline
What did l do this time!
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Here's a cool way to figure wing area on an odd shaped wing.

Cut a piece of paper exactly 10 square inches and weigh it.
Trace your wing shape onto a paper of the same type and cut it out.
Wad up the wing shaped piece and weigh it.

Now here's the trick.
If your 10 square inch piece weighs 5 grams.
Then the paper weighs .5 grams per square inch.

If your tracing of the wing weighs 20 grams., you multiply 20 x.5 and get 10 grams. that's a 10 square inch wing .

Going further,
if you have 10 inches of wing surface area, and you need .5 grams per inch to fly free flight, then your plane can weigh 5 grams , all up, and still fly.

of course you want as light as possible, but .5 grams per square inch of wing area is the high end of the scale.

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