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Making wing ribs when no patterns are shown (Read 1292 times)
Dec 12th, 2018 at 12:03am

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Some plans (for those who build from plans and not a kit) don't show all the wing rib patterns.  Usually just the wing root rib is shown on the side view of the fuselage.

These ribs are made using the root rib shown on the plans then the tip rib is extrapolated from from the root for length and thickness (if it's a tapered wing and not a straight wing) and then the other ribs can be made using the stack method. If it's a straight wing same size tip and root ribs make the stack easier to achieve.

The stack method
(stack rectangular balsa strips the dimensions of the root rib, using the number of ribs needed, don't forget there's usually two panels requiring double ribs)
is where a root rib template is made from plastic, metal sheet, plywood etc.  Then the tip template is made as the root template.  I recommend holes be made in the templates to hold "T-pins", small diameter screws and nuts etc. to hold the stack together while shaping the ribs from root to tip. 

Math not being my forte, I cheat and enlarge and shrink (as needed) till the proper size is arrived at using MSWord picture where I can grab a corner of the template picture with the cursor and drag to the necessary size using the ruler edges of MSWord to determine the size.  I will then double check on the printed plan to make sure I was accurate.

After all this wordage, here's a link that show how with pictures: Click Here

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