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Guillows Skyraider Rebuild (Read 1300 times)
Jan 20th, 2019 at 10:22pm

MKelly   Offline
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I've got a Guillows 900-series Skyraider that I built in 1995 and have a real soft spot for - it was the first rubber-powered model I built that really wanted to fly.  After surviving half a dozen moves over a 20-year period I put it back in flying condition in 2016, and with the benefit of FAC coaching it became my first model to stay up over a minute. 

In 2017 I took it to WESTFAC and flew it in Modern Military.  It put up decent flights the first and second flights, then I broke a motor winding for the third flight.  Blew out the tissue on both sides of the fuselage, but the model seemed otherwise intact so I put in a fresh motor and wound it again.  As I walked out to launch, there was a big crunch as the lower left longeron gave way.  I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tossed the airplane up anyway and was rewarded with a 44-second flight!

At that point I decided to retire the model as it had been repaired and patched numerous times, and I figured it had probably earned a rest.  Pics below show how it's sat for the last 15 months.
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