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Wanted to say Thanks (Read 26 times)
Apr 5th, 2019 at 7:37pm

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I just want to say thanks to the best modelers in the world. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers for my wife and I.  I wanted to update ya'll on just how she's doing.  We got copies of the x-rays taken in Texas and the x-rays take after she got home 8 day later.  The orthopedic surgeon didn't look at the xray from Texas he just had new ones taken here and went on from there.  Last week her physical therapist asked if he could see the x-rays.  My wife said sure so she emailed them to him and when she got to the session she asked him about them and what he thought.  He said after looking at the first x-ray from Texas he couldn't believe the damage.  After looking at the x-ray taken here he said that there's no way the muscles and ligaments could pull the bones back together like that and then pull the humerus bone back up to the socket.  He said, "I can't explain it!" My wife said, "God did it".  It's a miracle.  She is progressing very well and the therapist said she is already showing movement that is well beyond what would have been expected if she'd had surgery!  We thank you again for your thoughts and prayers, and we're thanking God for his healing touch.  We still have a ways to go with strengthening, but we're very happy for the progress already made.  Thanks again!

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