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Carrier Launch Jetcat! (Read 72 times)
Reply #1 - Sep 15th, 2019 at 6:46pm

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Outstanding Mike...Gonna have to look into a couple kits for myself!!! Thanks for sharing these models with us and the great video! Smiley

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Sep 15th, 2019 at 6:06pm

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The theme for this October's WestFAC meet is carrier aviation.  For jetcat there will be a special carrier launch event where the gliders will be launched from a fixed catapult attached to a deck (folding table).  Participating aircraft types have to have been flown on and off aircraft carriers.  My entry for this will be a pair of F-111Bs, the short-lived Navy version of the F-111 and progenitor to the legendary F-14 Tomcat.

Starting with the Estes/West Wings kit I built one basically using the kit wood (with  the addition of a 1/64" ply core in the forward fuselage and substituting a 1/16" sheet fin for the two slabs of oak provided in the kit.  Using the kit parts a templates I cut a second one, but instead of copying the kit's swept-back wings I cut new wings in the full-forward position shaped in plan view as if the flaps and slats were deployed.  Both were sanded up, assembled, sealed, airbrushed and marked-up with printed tissue insignia.

The kit version came out at almost 25g, the approach-configured copy is more like 18g.  The kit version took just a bit of balancing then flew well the first day out.  The approach bird seemed to do the same, but there was a problem lurking in those very thin and shapely wings.  The first time I tried to fly it off the table, the wings snapped.  Reviewing video from the day, at launch those wings were fluttering!  A strip of carbon fiber epoxied under the wing resolved the problem, and both jetcats are now flying smoothly off the deck.  I hesitate to say they'll be competitive, as typical flights are 12-15 seconds, but they're a lot of fun!

Video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQcNM345AwM

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