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Re: Simi Indoor Flyers - AMA CLUB #4382
Reply #1 - Oct 20th, 2008 at 5:15am
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  Sounds great!!!  When will you be picking me up?  Grin Grin


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Simi Indoor Flyers - AMA CLUB #4382
Oct 16th, 2008 at 11:07pm
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Here's the indoor flyer invitation...

Subject: Indoor Model Flying in Simi, Saturday night

To all-  Flying again at the rec center in Simi Valley, same place as 
usual.  The events are just open flying, no contests, and just for 
fun. Primarily it's R/C models that are flown at these events, but 
free-flight is welcome too. Invite your friends, just be aware there 
is limited seating/working space on the bleachers.

Please don't fly before the scheduled flying event starts, the people 
running the gym don't like that.  Please don't go into the gym earlier 
than 15 minutes before the scheduled flying starts.

Note, we have a rule, no metal prop hubs or metal spinners or exposed 
metal shafts on planes that weigh over 2 ounces.  Put a plastic or 
rubber spinner on the nose!  We had a plane chip out a chunk of the 
gym floor, due to an accident, but nevertheless it happened, and will 
likely happen again.  It doesn't have to be pretty, but put something 
on the nose or your airplane, thanks.

Note times and dates change from month to month, it's not always the 
third saturday, this email is the notification system.

Note we will have a pilot's briefing at 7:45pm to go over rules and 
regulations, may have a spot AMA card check for R/C pilots, if you 
come after 7:45pm please check in with me (Matt Keennon).

I typically need around 1 to 2 volunteers to help run the meet, each 
person will help me for a third of the meet, around 50 minutes each. 
This is necessary for me to keep running the event. -Matt


October 18th, Saturday Night 7:30PM - 10:00PM
November 22nd, Saturday Night 7:30PM - 10:00PM
December 20th, Saturday Night 7:30PM - 10:00PM

Site : Main Gymnasium, Rancho Santa Susana Recreation Center 5005 Los 
Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, 93063, at Hidden Ranch Drive, near Stearns 
Street.  Exit 118 Fwy at Stearns Street, go south around 3 blocks, 
right on Los Angeles, and then around a half block on the right side 
at Hidden Ranch Drive.

1. During the Open Flying periods where the larger, faster planes are 
flying, nobody should be out on the gym floor unless they are 
launching or recovering a model.  Do not cut across the floor, to walk 
from one side of the gym to the other, do not stand out on the floor 
and watch etc, even pilots, all stay off to the edge of the gym near 
the bleachers.  Parents keep your kids off the floor especially, and 
yourselves. If there is a continuing problem with any individual, you 
will be asked not to return to the flying session.

2. Unsafe models.  Do not attempt to fly potentially unsafe models in 
the gym.  We have had quite a few models go out of control and fly 
into the bystanders area with enough speed and force to hurt 
somebody.  That's simply not acceptable. If you have an issue, where 
you are not a skilled pilot, or the radio is glitchy, or the plane is 
unstable or untested, do not fly it in the gym! Period! You will be 
warned once, and after that you will be asked not to fly anymore.

More Rules are at the bottom.

It's a pretty nice place to fly electric R/C model airplanes like slow 
park flyers or free flight model airplanes such as gliders or rubber 
powered or appropriate toy airplanes, blimps or helicopters.

Only for flying R/C models do you need to have a current AMA 
membership for insurance liability coverage reasons.  If you want your 
plane flown and don't have membership, bring it along, and we'll work 
something out.

There is no charge to fly or watch.

It's a very nice place to bring new or experimental models to test fly 
for the first time.

Everybody is welcome to come and watch if you are interested.  If the 
right combination of models are there, we do a bit of causual pylon 
racing which is pretty fun, a few mid-air collisions are typical. If 
you want to just watch, let me know if you are bringing kids so I can 
bring some appropriate fun stuff.

The flying will likely be broken up into alternating sessions for 
light/slow planes, and then open flying which is heavy stuff and light 
planes if you dare. Each session will be around 20 minutes I'm 
guessing.  If you want the whole gym to yourself to do a short test 
flight, we can accomodate that also since we have 3 hours in there.

Send me an email if you have any questions.

-Matt Keennon


Facility Rules Rancho Santa Susana Recreation Center Gymnasium:

1.  No food or drink allowed
2.  Tennis shoes and non-marking soft sole shoes only.
3.  Don't bring chairs or tables. Use the bleachers.

AMA Rules:

1.  Define the flying area (away from the pit area).
2.  Select a flight line (next to bleachers).
3.  Designate a pit area (bleachers).
4.  Keep people in pit area and not wandering out into flying area. 
(Only stand along the wall where the bleachers are).
5.  Please fly carefully, check frequency allocations before turning 
on your transmitter, if radio interferrence / glitches are detected 
land and let everyone know.

Club Rules

A. No Metal prop hubs or spinners or exposed screws on props for 
airplanes that weigh over 2 ounces, to prevent chipping out gym floor 
on crashes.
1.  Be courteous to other people and planes, don't 'buzz' other people 
and planes unless you know they don't mind.
2.  Give others opportunity to fly.  If your frequency is used by 
others, don't hog it.  If your plane takes up so much flying space, 
that others can't fly comfortably, please take a break to let the 
other people fly.
3.  Use the frequency board.  If your RC system is wideband and covers 
multiple frequencies, put your name on all the frequencies it covers 
to prevent getting shot down.
4.  Pick up after yourself and plane.  Especially don't leave debris 
like screws on the gym floor after your done flying.  Collect all 
parts after a crash.
5.  No hard restrictions on aircraft size, weight, speed, etc. have 
been specified, but use your common sense.  For now, use these 
- Gliders, electric, and rubber power only (no I.C. engines).
- Free-flight or R/C is OK.
- The flight speed (energy) should not be much higher than a typical 
GWS TigerMoth or one of Matt's indoor electric airplanes.
- Don't have hard / pointy objects on the aircraft that might damage 
the floor (dent or scratch) in event of a crash or bad landing.
If your model could seriously hurt someone if you hit them with it, 
it's probably too fast and/or heavy to fly.

The Club.

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