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Oct 30th, 2009 at 2:17pm
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Too windy outside today so I gave my old P-51 a toss in the bedroom so it would have a soft landing. It glides nicely! braver and gave the rubber a few winds, stepped back and expected it to fly briefly and land on the bed. P-51 had a different agenda though; climbed, smacked the wall and THEN landed on the bed. Not sure if it was a case of too many winds or too much stupid but the P-51 survived so no harm no foul unless you look close at the wall where the spinner hit. It flies....looks like it'll fly pretty good, too. It only saw some backyard time and only a few flights as I recall. Maybe there's something to this FF stuff? I dunno....was kinda neat to see it winging for a little over 15 feet.

Here's a pic of it sitting on top of the Rearwin Speedster I'm in the process of restoring. Lots of work to be done on the Rearwin, some work to be done on the P-51, too. The tissue is popped in a couple of places but....not sure I want to strip and recover it. I'm thinking light patch work.

The other airplane is peanut scale P-35 that's nearly revived from the dead. Still a couple of pieces to add/replace but it's pretty much displayable as is now.


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