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Calculating CG for aircraft
Jun 24th, 2014 at 4:15pm
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Found this site for calculating Center of Gravity for aircraft:
Click Here

I'm no math wizard by any means, found this on RCGroups:

you might try this: (for Flying Wings)
Q = (R x R) + (R x T) + (T x T)
divided by 6(R + T)

P = R + 2T
divided by 3(R + T)

D = Q + SP

WHERE R = Root Chord measurement
T = Tip Chord measurement
S = Sweepback of the leading edge measured at the tip

D = The distance back from the tip of the nose to the point of
AND where the core is standard shape and has a straight leading edge. (i.e. not curved)

This comes pretty close (I found this formula in an article written by Jef Raskin)

Another similar calculator: Click Here

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