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Re: Fuselage Building Aid
Reply #1 - Sep 15th, 2015 at 9:10am
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Pete, thanks for sharing this jig. I would build better using one on my fuse's.


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Fuselage Building Aid
Sep 15th, 2015 at 7:43am
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There have been a number of comments and PM's received about my fuselage building fixture, so here is a start on what I have.

I've used such an animule for the past 40 years in various forms/incarnations, never really giving any thought about it (I actually got the initial tip from my Dad back in my early modeling days).† It was recently made available commercially by Rocky Top Models and is really just a compact/simplified "Adjusto-Jig" (big plastic/water-pipe/music wire contraption for rc builds).

Here is the description I sent to Cessna Driver just a bit ago - please note that the reference to Easy Built was in error and should have read Rocky Top:

There are no secrets about the fixture other than that the supports must be level with each other to prevent building in a twist.† Make it wide enough to accept the primary size aircraft that you like to build - make more if you're into various sizes.† The cross-supports for the part being built should be from the sturdiest material that will fit and are usually tack-glued to the spine šnd the same thickness.† On this build, I simply used rubber bands (thin ones) spanned over the spines from one side to the other - worked fine.† The cross-supports were/are actually a bit too light (allowed bowing) that gave me a few headaches with the fuselage that could have been prevented by using more, or a sturdier material.

The fixture is available commercially (I think from Easy Built EDIT: Actually Rocky Top see above), but (IMHO) grossly overpriced - OK, it is laser cut and has fancy inscriptions...

I will upload photos to document how I've used this fixture here.
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