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Embryo Endurance Model Rules
Aug 20th, 2016 at 1:12pm
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Embryo Endurance - FAC Rules as of 2020

VIII-3.0 EMBRYO ENDURANCE Competition for non-scale FAC endurance type sport models.
A. Design considerations:
1. Wing Area (WA) is measured off of the flat plan.
2. MONOPLANES not to exceed 50 sq. inches WA.
3. BIPLANES not to exceed 70 sq. inches of WA, with 45 sq. inches WA maximum for the larger wing.
4. Stab area not to exceed 50% of the WA.
5. Any part of any wing that sits on top of or passes through the fuselage is considered wing area.
6. Fuselage volume to enclose a space 1.25 x 1.50 x 3.00 inches or larger.
7. The wing and tail must be built up and covered on both sides (“double covered”) with Japanese tissue or equivalent.
B. Wing span: Not applicable, but refer to wing area rules above.
C. Landing gear:
1. Landing gear legs must be conventional configuration.
Example: two wheels on a single landing gear leg are prohibited.
2. Wheels must be 3/4 inches or larger in diameter, and must rotate freely on their axles.
D. Launch technique: unassisted ROG from a three-point stance.
E. Bonus points: Cumulative; added just once to the total flight points. Maximum bonus points—9
1 3-dimensional exhaust pipes
3 3-dimensional wheel pants
5 Open cockpit with windscreen and headrest—OR
5 Full bubble canopy containing head rest and (at a minimum) a pilot's head silhouette—OR
5 Raised cabin with no less than a 30-degree windshield slant, referenced from the bottom of the wing (low wing on bipes).
F. Flight scoring: Total of three flights
G. Official flight: Official flight: 20 sec. minimum, 120 sec. MAX
H. Total Score: Flight score + bonus points.
I. Embryo Endurance may NOT be combined with any other events.

Here's a board for all the Embryo builds...looks like I'm going to have to build me a Embryo in the near future.
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