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Normal Topic Dope Help Please!! (Read 1134 times)

Stick & Tissue

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Re: Dope Help Please!!
Reply #1 - Jun 11th, 2017 at 3:57pm
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MM...there has been alot of discussion on the various finishing processes for stick and tissue models.  Here's a link to HPA's discussion that really covers the info clearly and in greater detail than a quick thumbnail quote here could cover!  Here's the link,Confused about dope, nitrate, butyrate, banana oil  : Click Here

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I Gloo this to what???

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Dope Help Please!!
Jun 11th, 2017 at 2:14pm
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OK guys, this noob is confused.  I have read many threads here, watched videos, read other materials and I am lost on this dope thing.  I find there is (Sig for example)  Dope called super coat, lite coat, flat coat, clear and in colors.  There is nitrate and another.  Now remember, you are talking to a noob that has NEVER used any of it---ever.  I simply want to be able to do some light airbrush painting to my tissue covered stuff so someone--anyone tell me what I should use.  I am lost.  I feel like I am standing on a Stalingrad street corner thumbing through a Russian-English dictionary and nothing is making sense.  HELP ME!

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