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Re: Eze Dope
Reply #2 - Jul 12th, 2018 at 11:49am
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Hey Tom how did ya know not to shake
I have been using Krylon for the last two small ships i build. I have used Super Phatic from deluxe just have not made my mind up on that yet. A club member showed me that he uses future floor wax but still has to much of a smell for my wife. I will try a bottle of the ezeDope. thanks for the info Tom.
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Re: Eze Dope
Reply #1 - Jul 8th, 2017 at 7:18pm
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My experience with EzeDope is as follows:

I do not recommend using it straight from the bottle!!!

You can check out my post in building the Rutango twin on the Any Twin Cookup: Click Here

If you are going to brush the finish on please dilute it, I recommend 70/30 water/Ezedope.  If you shake the bottle to mix it let it set for a day to remove all the bubbles.  They'll wreck your finish, don't ask how I know. Once again do not shake the bottle to mix it up before application, rather stir with a stick.  I have also used an old hairspray pump bottle (one the wife used up, and I flushed with hot water to clear out the pump and bottle.)  I have used this pump bottle to spritz the tissue and then pinned down the wing & stabs while they dry to avoid warps.  I usually place waxed balsa sticks (an old crayon or preferrably white candle) under the surfaces to allow air to pass under as well as over the surfaces as they dry.  I haven't tried airbrushing yet. That may happen in the future.  It is water based and cleans up easily and doesn't smell.  A good soft wide brush works well.  The tissue will sag if it's been shrunk already or applied wet.  But usually shrinks back nicely.  It usually takes two to three light coats to get the finish on the tissue I desire before adding any paint.  Be especially careful while brushing to avoid runs they will dry hard in droplets ruining your finish.  Don't ask how I know about that either!   Embarrassed Undecided Angry Wink

I haven't used dope in years.  I'm learning to like EzeDope but I also use Krylon Chrystal Clear gloss & flat to semi seal the tissue and allow that to dry.   

Not as strong as EzeDope or Dope itself but does work for my smaller models.

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Ed OBrien
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Eze Dope
Jul 8th, 2017 at 4:38pm
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I saw some of this at the hobby shop this afternoon. Water soluble great. There are a couple of videos about this but they look like company propaganda. Anyone NOT affiliated with the manufacturer or US importer tried this stuff with Esaki tissue? I think it might be imported because, well, what isn't? Also because the woman narrating the company how-to video has an English accent. Not that I have anything against the Brits. I lived there for 3 1/2 years and loved it.

Ed OBrien,
Manchester, CT
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