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Did you break a stringer on that finished Model?
Jul 6th, 2018 at 9:13am
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I've had that happen too Embarrassed Cry.  What I've found as a solution, rather than cutting away tissue is to find some small very thin copper wire and wind it around a "t"pin to make a small loop.  Then cement that loop on/in the the end of a long bamboo skewer/1/4" dowel that can reach down the motor opening in the nose of the fuselage to the cracked stringer.  Use the opposite end of the skewer to push the stringer back into place and then put some cyanoacrylate glue in a bottle cap or some place where a small puddle can be made.  Dip the wire loop into the puddle so you have a small ball of glue in the loop carefully stick the skewer with the glue down the fuselage to the crack and apply the cyano and Wa-La, the stringer is repaired and stronger than ever!! Grin Cheesy Wink
I keep this tool handy at all times...Smiley
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