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Normal Topic Flight Trimming for Beginners/experienced modelers (Read 485 times)

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Flight Trimming for Beginners/experienced modelers
Jul 31st, 2018 at 9:47am
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Hi y'all...also posted in the "First Model Section"
It's been suggested that we narrow down some basics on getting started trimming these rubber powered free flight models. 

I recommend this 10 step process to start with: Click Here

For clarification in article above CG= Center of Gravity  L/D=Lift/Drag ratio
The author doesn't mention this in his article but some modelers weigh their prop/noseblock and add that weight to the top/bottom of the nose of their model with clay and do the glide trimming as suggested.  Then when you add the prop/noseblock just peal off the clay on the nose and continue to trim as suggested...

Check out Mike Kelly's trim glides here: Click Here

Things you'll need to have to get started:
1. Small spiral note pad to keep track of what you do. At the flying site (changes you make) One at a time!
2. Balance Jig to check CG (simple jig wood base, dowels, eraser tips)
3. Winder to wind rubber motor (simple yellow plastic in various ratios to expensive more sturdy models), Volare Products, Easy Built Models etc for these.
4. Winding stooge (as many as there are modelers)
5. Clay/Tungsten Putty to help with balance Click Here
6. A field box with scrap balsa and 1/16" sq balsa, Cyano glue (super glue), model glue (Duco etc. and  small jar of acetone if you glue empennage incidence) clay/tungsten putty, scotch tape/masking tape, razor blade/xacto knife, for field repairs and trimming aids.

You can use the masking tape to make trimming tabs at the trailing edge of wings and empennage.  Or a dab of clay on a wingtip to drop a wing for turning or reset cg as needed.  Scotch tape for puncture of tissue repair.  Cyano/super glue works great for a quick balsa crack repair at the field.

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