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Normal Topic Ideas for hinged wings for Corsair F4U? (Read 522 times)

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Re: Ideals for hinged wings for Corsair F4U?
Reply #1 - Aug 21st, 2018 at 1:33pm
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Fun idea...the restraints come with scale fidelity or just the novelty of folding wings!  Many ways to attempt hinges.  Just off the top of my head aluminum strips from aluminum cans and straight pins to make hinges.  Roll the aluminun to accept the straight pin hinge pins. 

How you mount the hinge would determine the angle of the fold.  But the aluminum can be pretty moldable for possible angles. 

Again it's the amount of scale look and function that will limit you construction.  You could use the same aluminum and straight pin for locks or just aluminum tubing to lock the wing in place.  Hinge along top of wing rib, locks on bottom.  Should get you some flying and still be light.  Just some quick thoughts.  I think there was a plastic model that had folding wings that a similar copy of hinge and arrangement could be copied for your plane.

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Ideas for hinged wings for Corsair F4U?
Aug 21st, 2018 at 12:15pm
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I'm a novice and have built several flyers but only one scale model.  The free flight club I belong to has a regular builder's contest.  I would like to wow them with something unique.

While constructing a Dumas kit for the Corsair, I realized they already have the wing in 3 pieces, and the outer wings join the center section right at the place where the real Corsair had hinged wings.  So that got me thinking... but that's where my lack of experience needs some augmentation.

I'd like to find some small hinge to connect the wings.  How to fold them up at the same angle as the real plane makes it more difficult since they did not fold up in the same plane as the wing's angle of attack.  So there needs to be a single hinge, and it must be ridged to support the wing. 

Also, I haven't really thought of a way to keep the upper surface of the wing from binding when folded.  The real Corsair had flap that flipped up to allow enough room for the outer winger upper surface to dip below the upper surface of the center section.  I think this is the single biggest issue that will kill this project.

Next, how to lock the wing in the down position?  I think I will simply make a scale wheel well, and that will give me perfect access to the outer wing section to insert a pin across the ribs, or something similar, while keeping the lock incognito.

I also want this flyable.  Yes I understand the weight penalty, but I enjoy building more than flying so I'm not looking to use it in competition of any sort.  Just so long as it technically flies.

So I have ideas on how I can do this, but I suspect you guys will have better ideas.

The best photos I could find of this kit are here:
If you need better photos I can take pics of mine while in progress.

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