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Stick & Tissue

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Re: rfe3 / Rick
Reply #1 - Sep 1st, 2018 at 4:21pm
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Great to put a face to a name.  And welcome back to the great Free Flight (always capitalized) Stick and Tissue modeling!

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rfe3 / Rick
Sep 1st, 2018 at 4:02pm
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Hi everyone, I thought it was 'bout time for a proper introduction. I'm Rick, originally from Atlanta, grew up between there and Aplachicola, Fl. Always been an Airplane nut, built lots of Plastic and S&T models when I was growing up, built a few inbetween but not much in the last 15 or so years. I get to build real Aircraft for a living so that kind of took over from modeling. I finally have the space and a little extra time so I've started modeling again. Even though I've only built one P-40 last month the pleasure and relaxiation of building came back in spades. I've taken all that I've learned from the real world and am able to fold it into this hobby. I've spent more time building with my CAD program than with actual Balsa...  Shocked Gotta have Plans if you want to build ...right....I get almost as much enjoyment from drawing plans as I do from building them.

Anyway...I am currently living in Germany, I'll be here for a couple of years working on a Drone Project, spent the last 2 years working on a project in the UK, before that in Switzerland, Austria, Italy. I've been here on the "other" side of the Pond for about 25 years.

I've certianly enjoyed the last month or so on the Forum, It's really nice to see the beautiful work that goes on here and the helpful advice that flows freely through the posts. I look forward to more enlightening advice and beautiful build photos.


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