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Re: Deluxe Materials Super Phatic
Reply #2 - Feb 9th, 2022 at 9:07pm
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I've tried this glue out with my current build.

My observations are in line with others have noted. Good adhesion but "cures" into a rubbery feel. It can be sanded but the rubbery consistency makes it harder to get a smooth finish,

For me, the setting time was more than what has been advertised, more like a typical white/yellow glue than a thin CA.

It sticks well to most materials, including wax paper or plastic wrap so take care when gluing items that are pinned to building boards.

I'm OK with it but not so much as to make me stop using my SIG yellow glue.
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Re: Deluxe Materials Super Phatic
Reply #1 - Jan 6th, 2019 at 5:55pm
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I have a bottle of that. Seems to work well but had a couple of joints that did not hold well. I had ordered it on Amazon but I had to return them because the glue was dried up in the bottle. Was able to get a fresh bottle at the Toledo show last year.
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Deluxe Materials Super Phatic
Dec 27th, 2018 at 6:33pm
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Here's a glue that seems to do a lot of what we've used CA for (i.e. quick set) yet it has no malevolent odors.   It is thin, like thin CA, but seems to be a bit slower to set.   I've found the strength is probably about equal to CA.  It does have a dark brown color once dried and is a little more resistant to sanding than some other glues. 

I like the lack of odor and quick set time so have been using it fairly extensively in my current build.  If you're looking for a replacement for CA you might give this stuff a try.  If you do try it, please post your opinions of it here for all of us.


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