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Tissue Lettering for "N" numbers etc.
Nov 2nd, 2019 at 9:50am
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If you have an Inkjet type printer you can scale the size of the letters/numbers you need for your models and print out the exact lettering/numbers you need and then using the sandwich method cut out the amount of letters you need for the model.  Some model just use fuselage letter/numbers on each side of the fuselage while others use fuselage letters/numbers and larger letters/numbers on the upper and lower wing surfaces. 
You can download for free the "Amarillo USAF font" for printing out these letters and numbers: Click Here for USAF FONT 
Once you have your numbers/letters print them on regular bond paper.  Then sandwich the sheets of tissue(in color needed) between the bond paper pattern and a blank sheet of bond paper. Tape this sandwich of bond paper and tissue paper to a cutting board/pad so it cannot shift position. Then using a new xacto blade and metal straight edge cut out the numbers and letters.  I usually cut all vertical cuts first then go back and cut the horizontal cuts of each letter/number.  On the curved edges you just have to take extra care and work slowly.  Just make sure you have enough of the tissue sheets for the number of letters/numbers needed. 

To apply them to the model you can use several methods of application. If you used dope for your finish and shrinking of your model you can apply the tissue by lightly brushing dope thinner through the tissue to adhere it to the surface.  Or you can use gluestick to attach the lettering by applying the gluestick to the back of the tissue.  Then apply the tissue by working from the middle of the number/letter smoothing out to the edges.   It takes alot of care and patience with the letters "F,E,H" etc.  Same with numbers "3,5, 7" etc.  Once you have them mounted you can then seal them with you favorite form of sealer, Krylon Crystal Clear, Dope etc.

WHITE letter/numbers are another thing.  You can buy white decal paper that can be printed on with your Inkjet type printer.  You'll need to  use a water proof ink.  Epson printers and  Durabrite inks are used by many modelers.
Or you can stretch the tissue on a frame and paint it white with Krylon White or Master Design Floral White paint.  Once dry cut them out as the above sandwich tissue letters.

The PDF file below is an example in MSWord using the Amarillo USAF font for an F-84G example similar to my F-84G build pic below, for fuselage lettering and serial number and wing USAF.  You can use MSWord to scale the letters to the size needed. 

5848___5848.pdf ( 5 KB | 16 Downloads )
( 65 KB | 15 Downloads )

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