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Normal Topic mâché madness for scoops & bumps etc. (Read 125 times)

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mâché madness for scoops & bumps etc.
Mar 1st, 2021 at 4:02pm
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Here's Prosper from HPA in his own words:

Today began a period of mâché madness. I've used mashed paper more and more with recent models. There are eight or more items that will use this material on these Spitfire models, and nearly all have multiple parts. Here are the wing bulges of the undercarriage well, the carb air intake and the oil cooler housing.

Pic 1 shows the latter two on their forms after initial drying.
Pic 2 shows: at the back the carb air intake wetted out with CA but unfinished; the oil cooler off its form but not wetted out yet, and to the right a wing bulge fully finished.

Pic 3 shows the same bulge in place and painted to check for blemishes. The shape of these bulges is really hard to make out from photos. Different light and shade seems to change their apparent shape completely. I believe this one protrudes a bit too far, but maybe not.

Pic 4 shows the oil cooler and carb air intake nearly finished. As seen the two together weigh 0.35g. The photo's black and white because my camera had an LSD trip - B&W looks better than the pink and purple the camera recorded.
(response to a question re: paper prep)
No special prep . It occurs to me though that you might have inferred that I do the wetting out with CA while the paper is on the form. I didn't make it clear that that's not the case. The paper is soaking with water when pressed and mashed onto the form - it's almost pulp. The wood gets soaked too so the whole lot takes time to dry. Once it's dry though the paper can be teased and chivvied off even a fairly complex shape. The dry 'casting' is actually quite stiff, relatively speaking, and holds its shape while CA is applied drop by drop with a piano wire applicator. When the CA's cured the thing can be slipped back onto its balsa form to give a firm  backing to resist the force needed to sand the item smooth.

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