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Normal Topic Using MSWord to size picture of motors (Read 644 times)
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Re: Using MSWord to size picture of motors
Reply #1 - Jun 1st, 2021 at 7:32pm
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Although MS Word or any other Word Processor will give you a close approximation of the size of your printout, you can't beat a PDF for precision. Save your MSWord file as a PDF. Then open the PDF with Adobe. Use the measuring tool to find out what size your part will be on the printout at 100%. Figure how big you want your part to actually be. Calculate the shrinkage/expansion ratio. for instance. Your file measures at X cm, but you want it to be Y cm.  Your ratio as a percentage is Y times 100 divided by X. Set "Custom Scale" in the Print Dialog to that percentage and print the exact size you wanted.
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Using MSWord to size picture of motors
Jun 1st, 2021 at 6:20pm
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Touloouse was having some trouble sizing a picture of a round motor to fit his F4f.  I gave him this simple tutoral and thought someone else might be able to use it!  Thanks Toulouse!
If you have MSWord it's very easy to size a picture.  Open  MSWord and insert the picture you have saved to your computer.

oops maybe I should start at saving a picture to your computer!

To save a picture to your computer all you need to do is right click (the right button on your mouse/laptop pad) on the picture.  A box will come up and left click on "save image as"  this will allow you to save the picture in your pictures file.

Once you have saved the picture you can then go to your pictures file and find that picture that you can insert into the MSWord program.
Once the picture is inserted into the MSWord page you can use your cursor to grab a corner of the picture (left click and hold) on the corner and move the cursor towards the center of the picture this will shrink or make the picture smaller.  A little of practice at this and your can get the hang of enlarging and shrinking pictures as needed.   If your page markings shows rulers at the top and side you can get an idea of the size the picture will be.  Hope this has been helpful.

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