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Re: Siebel Si 201 profile
Reply #1 - Aug 3rd, 2022 at 7:45pm
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Looking very good.  I bet she'll be a fun flyer.  I built an electric pusher sail plane in a similar setup.  Was great fun and we shut off the electric motor and glided around and then turned it back on to climb back up for some more sailing.  That was back just shortly after Columbus discovered the Americas! Grin Cheesy Wink

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Siebel Si 201 profile
Aug 3rd, 2022 at 5:02pm
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Latest profile bird added to the hanger. Siebel Si 201 German observation plane, model builder plan #3723. Wingspan 32". This motor is the PAW .03 diesel, from the late great Eric Clutton, he started and ran this motor and added all the bells and whistles, so it's very dear to me. I know this plan calls for it to be FF 020 peewee powered, but my 3ch RC uses micro servos, and the diesel adds a very slight difference in weight. The FF version called for a good size lead sinker in the nose!
I need to hook up the servos and get some wheels....but pretty much done.

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