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Normal Topic Outrageous prices on ebay. (Read 32 times)
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Re: Outrageous prices on ebay.
Reply #1 - Aug 6th, 2022 at 5:47am
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Yes, I agree. Some of the prices are nuts. But I did manage to pick up a couple of Comet kits for 25 to 30 dollars. Considering the prices on new kits not too bad. These kits were still sealed in the box. They were posted as buy it now, there was no bidding.  Then there was a person who wanted over 100 dollars for an old Comet super stars kit. Shocked Thats nonsense, you just have to pick and choose.

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Outrageous prices on ebay.
Aug 5th, 2022 at 11:14pm
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  I am dieing to know where some of these people come up with prices on ebay.
  Obviously they have zero knowledge of the hobby or whos buying this stuff.
   I also condem the guy selling plans from outerzone on ebay.    Stealing another persons work, then not shareing the proceeds should be a crime.
   I do alot of treasure hunting in flea markets, yard sales, ect.
    Sometimes you find stuff and the seller has no clue so they check ebay or amazon.  What they see is a boat load of stupid high asking prices that nobody is paying, and they price theirs the same way.  Another source of stupid comes from shows like "pickers" and " antique road show".
    Those shows are entertainment, no reality.
Your rusted, broke down car is never going to be worth the one like it on the meachum auction block.
    Hate that show too.  Ruined the car market.
    Theres a zipper on ebay .
asking almost 200 dollars but cant tell you anything about it.   Has no clue if the plans are intact. Has no clue if its complete, I would almost bet on that.

The plans are free on oz and we all know the balsa in that kit is as hard as a brick.  Its a comet, so you have to cut it out yourself.
Might as well cut it from fresh, lite, wood instead, if all the parts are there.
If not, you make your own anyway.
   Plastic model prices are also insane.
It's little wonder that kids dont model anymore.
They need a mortgage to do it.


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